The 7th Methods for Modalities workshop will take place in at the Escuela Universitaria Osuna. The University of Osuna was established in 1548. It currently is a university college that forms part of the University of Sevilla. The venue for M4M is the old university building. It is fabulously located on top of a hill in the town of Osuna, that lies between Malaga and Sevilla, and it is surrounded by rolling hills full of olive groves on all sides.

Invited speakers for the workshop are:

For titles and abstracts of the invited speakers, see here .

The M4M workshop will be preceded by a one-day course for doctoral students and interested researchers, on 9 November 2011. The PhD school will be organized at the University of Malaga. The lecturers at the PhD school will be:

There is a separate workshop page that also lists the titles and abstracts of the tutorials.

The fourth LAMAS workshop (Logical Aspects of Multi-Agent Systems) will be collocated with M4M, as a subsession, and will take place on the morning of November 11. There is a separate CFP for LAMAS. Accepted LAMAS papers are included in the M4M proceedings. Authors cannot submit the same paper to LAMAS and to M4M. For more information, see the LAMAS webpage The LAMAS accepted papers can be found on the LAMAS pages.



The proceedings of M4M Osuna will appear as a volume in the Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS) series. ENTCS is published electronically on ScienceDirect , Elsevier's main platform for electronic publication.


Accepted papers are:

Oral presentation only papers are

The LAMAS accepted papers can be found on the LAMAS pages.

Day-by-day and hour-by-hour program


The workshop organizers are


In Osuna, the conference hotels are:

Hotel booking and M4M workshop registration will be handled by a Corte Ingles travel agency. For other hotels in Osuna, see also . You will not be able to book the M4M workshop hotels there, they have been reserved for M4M in that period. For the pre-M4M school for PhD students, in Malaga, hotel information will come later.


Osuna is halfway between Malaga and Sevilla, a regular train takes about one hour to both these destinations. There are also buses. Malaga and Sevilla both have international airports - including intercontinental flights with low-budget companies. The Malaga PhD school will take all day Nov 9. The M4M workshop will start on the morning of Nov 10 and end around midday Nov 12. Some links:

Local information

Please look at this map of Osuna (you will get a copy on arrival). The University building is number 1 on the map. That is where the conference is held. Hotel Marques de la Gomera is number 17 on the map. Hostal Five Gates is not a number on the map, however: look on the map where the number 18 is written. Five Gates is on the street named Carrera, to the right of that number. Draw a straight line from that 18 to the C of Carrera. Where that line intersects the road is Five Gates, south side. Note further that the railway station is in the lower left of the map ('Estacion de Trenes'). It is 15 - 20 minutes walking from the railway station to the university.

Excursion. On Saturday afternoon at 15:30 there will be an excursion. This is a guided walk through Osuna, under the guidance and assistance of a university member. The first day of M4M there will be a list to register for the excursion.


All interested all cordially invited to participate in M4M and come and listen to the presentations, or to participate in the pre-M4M PhD school. The registration fee for M4M is 200 euros. The registration fee for the pre-M4M PhD-school is 100 euros. The joint registration fee for both events is 300 euros. There is no separate registration fee for LAMAS. Participants to LAMAS must register for M4M. Registration will be handled by a Corte Ingles travel agency.

Registration is now open. There is a registration form and there is a hotel reservation form. Please fill in one or both of the following two forms, scan them, and send them by email to with CC to


The workshop series Methods for Modalities (M4M) aims to bring together researchers interested in developing algorithms, verification methods and tools based on modal logic. Here the term "modal logic" is conceived broadly, including description logic, guarded fragments, conditional logic, temporal and hybrid logic, etc.

Special features

To stimulate interaction and transfer of expertise, M4M will feature a number of invited talks by leading scientists, research presentations aimed at highlighting new developments, and submissions of system demonstrations. We strongly encourage young researchers and students to submit papers, especially for experimental and prototypical software tools which are related to modal logics.


Information on the Methods for Modalities workshop series can be found on

Program committee

Thomas Agotnes
Natasha Alechina
Carlos Areces
Philippe Balbiani
Thomas Bolander
Julian Bradfield
Torben Braüner
Kai Brünnler
Alfredo Burrieza
Andrés Cordón Franco
Tiago de Lima
Stephane Demri
Juergen Dix
Luis Fariñas del Cerro
David Fernandez Duque
Tim French
Valentin Goranko
Rajeev Gore
Guido Governatori
Paul Harrenstein
Joost Joosten
Barteld Kooi
Kamal Lodaya
Alessio Lomuscio
Carsten Lutz
Joao Marcos
Emilio Muñoz
Manuel Ojeda Aciego
Ewa Orlowska
Gert Smolka
S P Suresh
Hans van Ditmarsch
Heinrich Wansing


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