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Left-Handed Metamaterials were first proposed by Veselago in 1968, as media having simulataneously negative electric pemittivity and magnetic permeability. Since they do not appear in "Nature", Veselago's work remain as a scientific curiosity until the first realization of a left-handed medium by David Smith and his team at the University of California - San Diego. Since then, a burst of scientific works on this topic suddenly takes place. Envisaged applications in high frequency electronics (filters, antennas ...), nano-optics (subwavelength imaging, data storage...) and RF (magnetic resonance imaging...) also call the attention of electrical engineers. The Microwave Group at the University of Sevilla is actively working on this topic, being pioneer in Europe and Spain. Active colaboration with other scientific teams in Spain  and in other countries  is in progress.
Below is a selection of our more recent works on this topic:


Metamaterials with negative parameters (book)R.Marqués, F.Martín and M.Sorolla Wiley (2007).

Nonlinear split-ring metamaterial slabs for magnetic resonance imaging M.A. Lopez, M. J. Freire,J. M. Algarin, V. C. Behr, P. M. Jakob,
 and R. Marqués
App. Phys. Lett.  (2011).

Fishnet Metamaterials - Rules for Refraction and Limits of Homogenization L. Jelinek, R. Marques, and J. Machac Optics Express (2010).

Analytical theory of extraordinary optical transmission through realistic metallic screens V.Delgado, R.Marques, and L. Jelinek Optics Express (2010).

Analytical theory of extraordinary transmission through metallic diffraction screens perforated by small holes R. Marques, F. Mesa, L. Jelinek, and F. Medina Optics Express (2009).

Experimental verification of extraordinary transmission without surface plasmons F. Medina, J. A. Ruiz-Cruz, F. Mesa, J. M. Rebollar, J. R. Montejo-Garai, and R. Marqués App. Phys. Lett.  (2009).

Extraordinary Transmission Through Arrays of Electrically Small Holes From a Circuit Theory Perspective F.Medina, F.Mesa, , and R.Marqués, IEEE Microwave Theory and Tech. (2008).

Experimental demonstration of a mu = −1 metamaterial lens for magnetic resonance imaging M.J.Freire, R.Marqués and L.Jelinek  App. Phys. Lett.  (2008).

Negative refraction from balanced quasi-planar chiral inclusions  R.Marqués, L.Jelinek, F.Mesa Microwave and Optical Tech. Lett. 49, 2606 (2007).

Theory of three-dimensional subdiffraction imaging   R.Marqués, M.J.Freire, J.D.Baena  App. Phys. Lett.   89, 211113 (2006).

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Three dimensional superresolution in metamaterial slab lenses: Experiment and theory F.Mesa, M.J.Freire, R.Marqués, J.D.Baena Phys. Rev. B (2004).

Near-perfect tunneling and amplification of evanescent electromagnetic waves in a waveguide filled by a metamaterial: Theory and experiments J.D.Baena, L.Jelinek, R.Marqués, F.Medina Phys. Rev. B(2005).

On the resonances and polarizabilities of split ring resonators J.García-García, F.Martín, J.D.Baena, R.Marqués, L.Jelinek J. App. Phys. (2005).

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Ab initio analysis of frequency selective surfaces based on conventional and complementary split ring resonators R.Marqués, J.D.Baena, M.Beruete, F.Falcone, T.Lopetegi, M.Sorolla, F.Martín, J.García J. Opt. A: Pure App. Opt. (2005).

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Effect of losses and dispersion on the focusing properties of left-handed slabs R.Marqués and J.Baena Microwave and Optical Tech. Lett. (2004).

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Experimental results on metamaterial simulation using SRR-loaded waveguides J.D.Baena, R.Marqués, J.Martel, and F.Medina. IEEE - International Antennas and Propagation  Symp, Columbus (OH), June 2003.

Comparative analysis of edge- and broadside-coupled split ring resonators for metamaterial design. Theory and experiment R.Marqués, F.Mesa, J.Martel and F.Medina IEEE Trans. on Antennas and Prop (2003).

Strong spatial dispersion in wire media in the very large wavelength limit P.A.Belov, R.Marqués, S.I.Maslowski, I.S.Nefedov, M.Silveirinha, C.R.Simovski and S.A.Tretyakov Phys. Rev. B (2003).

A new 2-D isotropic left-handed metamaterial design: theory and experiment. R.Marqués, J.Martel, F.Mesa and F.Medina Microwave and Optical Tech. Lett. (2002).

Left-handed media simulation and transmission of EM waves in sub.wavelength SRR-loaded waveguides R.Marqués, J.Martel, F.Mesa and F.Medina Phys. Rev. Lett. (2002).

Role of bianisotropy in negative permeability and left-handed metamaterials R.Marqués, F.Medina and R.Rafii el Idrissi. Phys. Rev. B (2002).

Actualización, septiembre 2007.

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